Memories and Faces

Putting our footprints in the sands of time for our children

Our family began when Jacob Kacir married Anna Grofcik in Christian County, Illinois. Together they had five children, John, Jacob, Joseph, Anna and Francis. Jacob died when Francis (Frank) was less than a year old.  After Jacob died, Frank was sent to live with Anna's mother Mary and second husband Michael Jurek for what may have been 8 or so years.

Following the death of Jacob, Anna then married Albert Lapsansky. According to my mother, they knew each other in "the old country." Together they had four more children, Stephen, Agnes, Marie and Albert. Following the death of Albert, young Albert was then sent to live with the Jurek's, number of years unknown. 

What a fantastic find! It gives us potential birth years and death years. I found information on Jacob's death at the Find A Grave website. It's an interesting site and showed a picture of the headstone for not only Jacob and Anna, but also for her second husband, Albert Lapsansky.

Jacob and Albert both died in Illinois.

Anna died in Detroit, Michigan.