Memories and Faces

Putting our footprints in the sands of time for our children

Did you ever have these really great ideas... (well, to you they're great!)? And there's never only one!

I love to search for my ancestors, take photos of just about anything, create special gifts or surprise people with things I know they don't really know they want... But with so many interests, I get sidetracked way too much. I try to do something with each of my interests every day, but then something else catches my eye (or just life in general) and... well, you get the idea.

I watched "Julie and Julia" recently... been wanting to see the movie for a long time. I loved the movie... it spoke to me in more ways than usual. I have things I'm passionate about, things that I can't get enough of, things I can't find enough time for. And I'm always finding more things to feed my soul.

Quite some time ago, I discovered digital scrapbooking. What an incredible way to record special events, the wonderful people in your life who make you smile, that beautiful flower in your garden, that wild weather day. I made a pact with myself about five years ago that I would create a special memory for each of my sons offering not only their lives, but also that of where they came from, who they came from and where they've been. Okay, three sons, that's workable. Hmmm, I can make a master of all of the books for someone in the future not thought of yet. Wait, what about the five grandchildren? Still workable. Wait, then there's the three siblings, multiple cousins, friends... the plan is getting out of hand. And what about all of those digital photos taken over the last ten years? (Darn, where are the rest of the Thanksgiving photos taken over the years to post on Facebook?)

What about those boxes of my grandmother's photos from before the turn of the century? 1900, not 2000. And all of those old photos with nothing written on the back and no one around anymore to identify them? Not only for myself am I doing this, but for those family members who are looking for their ancestors... genealogy buffs deserve to see what's been hiding in a variety of places in my house since 1983 and before.

More recently, three of my grandchildren saw some photos from over 30 years ago and thought they were of their siblings. How amazed they were to find out they were of their father! How can I not document and record and scrapbook these memories for them and their three cousins who are too young yet to see the faces in the memories?

Okay, back to the movie? "Julie" took on a project with a deadline of one year... similar to "Julia" with her French cookbook that took eight years to get published. How much of the movie is real life? How much was "reel" life? I don't know but just the idea and the process of giving yourself a deadline to accomplish a daunting task really got me thinking. But how can you "deadline" literally thousands of photos... the scanning, editing, naming, tagging, categorizing? Whoa Nelly!

In the beginning of this journey, I shared my idea with a few close family members and friends. How can I make this work, the original Sidetracked Sister? After a time, I came up with a plan. For the 13 months, I'd be scanning in a minimum of 100 photos per month. May not sound like much, but the other side of the goal is to either create a webpage for those unnamed 50- to 100-year-old photos, or to create at least one digital scrapbook online within this site. Why 13 months, you ask? In 13 months I'll be 65 years old... a senior citizen to some... but still young at heart.

UPDATE: While my plan was sincere for a 13 month project, life intervened, it's now three years later, and plans must be reworked. The revision to my plan is that photos, stories and documents will be uploaded as time permits. Family, friends and fellow genealogists will be able to follow our photographic journey and our family will be fleshed out as we go along.

Thank you, Julie!